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Prices Droam rental

If you would like to stay connected abroad, you can rent Droam for your entire stay. You can easily track your data use with our MyDroam tool. More transparency and no surprises when you arrive back home, with Droam.

Price overview mobile internet with Droam

Please click on the link below to find an overview of costs of mobile internet per country. You will also find an overview of the different Droam products.

Overview costs mobile internet and coverage with Droam.

Cheap data roaming

The cost of renting your Droam depend on the duration and destination of your trip. It makes a difference if you want to use Droam during your road trip or whilst taking transferring flights for instance. Please fill out our order form to check on prices for your trip.

Rent Droam per day, week or month

Different prices apply to Droam1000, depending on your destination. All data plans are valid for 28 days. For some destinations, such as the United States we even offer unlimited data but you pay a weekly fee.


Droam charges € 150,00 deposit that is payable before we can ship Droam. All charges are deducted from this deposit and we we return the remaining amount if applicable. If you use more than the deposit the difference has to be settled. We send you an invoice with your exact data usage and the savings you have achieved by using Droam.

Delivery outside the Netherlands

Please be aware different shipping rates apply should you want to receive your Droam abroad, i.e. not in the Netherlands. Currently we have a beneficial price agreement with our shipping agent.

Please click here for a table of shipping costs.

Order your Droam today, and be assured of cheap data roaming.

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